8 Valentines Home Decor Ideas

Valentines Home Decor

Valentines Day is right around the corner, and nothing gets me more excited than decorating for holidays! I especially love Valentines Day because it means my birthday is not far behind. Like…the day after! And this is a special birthday! The big 30!! I’m not sure if I should be excited about it, or depressed. But for now, I’ll be excited because that means I get gifts. And what girl doesn’t love gifts?

Back to Valentines Day.. I’ve rounded up some affordable, cute Valentines Day home decor to get you feeling in the loving spirit. Even though I love decorating for Valentines Day, I don’t like to spend a lot of money doing it. I often shop at the dollar tree, the dollar section at Target and attempt some easy DIY’s. I also love finding Valentines home decor that can be used year around.

8 Valentines Home Decor Ideas

Love Rug: This is such a cute rug! I love the colors and the material looks decent so you could probably use this for several years!

Kitchen Towels I love using decorative kitchen towels to decorate for specific holidays. It’s such an inexpensive, easy way to decorate for holidays. Plus, you can never have enough hand towels!

Valentines Banner I love hanging banners on our fireplace. Holiday banners, birthday banners, floral and greenery banners. They add so much character and can really spruce up a boring fireplace.

Heart Tray This is such a cute tray. I can think of so many ways to use this. You could use it for your jewelry, a spoon rest on your stove top, hold small office supplies like paperclips, or even put a candle on it. Another great thing about this adorable tray is it could be used all year long. This would be perfect sitting bedside to hold rings and bracelets or on a vanity to hold your favorite lip gloss.

Heart Wreath Wreaths are another great way to decorate for specific holidays. I love putting then on random doors, shutters, and old decorative windows in our house.

All You Need Is Love Sign This is another item that could potentially be used year around. This would be cute sitting on your mantle or hanging in your bedroom above a nightstand. It’s Valentines enough to use as Valentines home decor, but neutral enough that if you left it up year around no one would ever think it was for Valentines Day.

Heart Throw Such a cozy looking throw. I don’t know how your kids are, but mine are lovers of blankets. My son sleeps with his “blankie” and a penguin Christmas blanket every night. So there would be no harm in using this in a little girls room after Valentines Day. Blankets… another thing you can never have too much of!

Home Outdoor Mat I actually just bought this mat! I love it sitting on our front porch in front of our red door. This could definitely be used as Valentines home decor, but I will say, I will be leaving this sucker out till it’s faded! Which will hopefully be a few months after Valentines Day!

What are some ways you like to incorporate Valentines home decor? What are your favorite places to shop for holiday decor?

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