Street Chic Style : How To Wear It With A Mom Bod

Street Chic StyleStreet Chic Style Street Chic Style Street Chic Style Street Chic Style

I’ve always loved the street chic style. But I’ve always been afraid to rock it, especially now that I’m a mom. There’s just something about street chic style that’s a little risqué, a little dangerous and a lot of fun!

So when I found THIS cute top at Romwe, I thought this would be the perfect top to try an edgier look. It’s not too short, not too tight, but fit just right. Just enough “street” and just enough “chic” that I would feel less like a “street walker” and more “street chic.” As a mom, I find it harder to dress edgier, or what I like to call “scene.” haha. But when you find the perfect pieces to mix together to get that perfect street chic style, you have to run with it!

The key is to find modest pieces, but pieces that have a little flare. Like THIS shirt, which came right to my belt line, but definitely not a midriff. And lets talk about my pants. These are probably my favorite. Even though they are faux leather, which you think you wouldn’t wear a lot..wrong. I wear them ALL THE TIME! They go with just about everything. These are from a few years ago, but I’m going to be linking similar ones below.

I love finding edgy and trendy clothing at Romwe. They have extremely affordable clothing that’s always on trend, but most importantly it’s great quality. Sometimes fast fashion although inexpensive, sacrifices the quality. Not Romwe, that’s why I highly suggest checking out what they’ve got, especially when it comes to trendy seasonal clothing.

So if you’re daring enough to try street chic style here are 5 tips to help you pull it off with a mom bod!

Stay modest, but choose edgy pieces: mix everyday functional pieces with one fun/edgy piece of clothing.

Think leather, lace and dark colors

Strappy heels are a must

Chokers or other fun bold statement jewelry

The look: be confident and walk like you own it. Just be careful walking into the street to get picture lol… that can be dangerous!

How do you incorporate street chic style into your wardrobe?


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