Child Training Bible | The Only Bible Your Child Will Ever Need

The Child Training Bible has been such a blessing to our family. For years I have struggled with wanting to raise my children in a godly manner and have done nothing about it until now! 

Proverbs 22:6 says train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. This has always been a conviction on my heart. Am I doing all I can to “train up my children?” Honestly, I didn’t even know where to begin before I started using the Child Training Bible. Sure, we read The Bible, talked about Jesus and did a few crafts here and there. But The Child Training Bible brings Gods word to life. It’s a practical, fun and loving way to instruct our children using God word.

I know a lot of parents (including myself) who easily feel overwhelmed when trying to teach their children The Bible. Whatever you do don’t let the enemy discourage you from teaching your children valuable lessons. These are precious, valuable times and our children need us now more than ever to etch the word of God on their hearts.

The Child Training Bible hands down has been the best tool for our family when it comes to “real life” application of Gods word.

Child Training Bible

5 Ways Our Family Has Used the Child Training Bible

1. When my son is struggling with a specific issue, we can go straight to the bible to see what Gods word says about it

2. For disciplining

3. Scripture memory

4. Prayer Prompts

5. Cross referencing when doing our daily devotions.

The uses for this Bible are endless and it is a Bible that can grow with your children. There have been many occasions I have used it myself. If you have looked for ways to teach your children The Bible and bring Gods word to life I highly recommend The Child Training Bible.

Child training bible_2

What are some of your favorite ways to teach your children the bible? Do you know of any great resources out there?

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Child Training Bible Essentials


**This is NOT a sponsored post. I just love this Bible so much I had to share it! 🙂


Psalm 4:4 Controlling your Anger

Tis the season! The season for joy, happiness, love, family, gatherings, and all things good…right? But why do the holidays always seem like a time of craziness, frustration, anger, and overwhelm. It seems that now more than ever people are arguing, feeling overwhelmed from the burden of meeting expectations of friends and family and simply depressed.

The past few days have been a whirlwind of emotions. From the excitement of being home, to sleepless nights due to a 14 hour time change and you can’t forget about all the excitement and emotions being added in from family we haven’t seen in a while.

Now I know that everyone has unique family dynamics, but for some reason it always seems to get a little more “dynamic” over the holidays.  I consider it a blessing to have family (and friends) who are always so willing to watch our children, have us in their home when possible. But I will admit it’s a bit stressful and overwhelming when we have to make all our rounds for the holidays.

I know the holidays are a stressful time full of many emotions that normally don’t surface until the holidays roll around. Which is why I have personally been meditating on Psalm 4:4 the past few days.

Psalm 4:4

Psalm 4:4

As I studied this verse I asked myself, is it ok to be angry? Am I sinning and how can I handle the situation better? With my mind racing a million miles a minutes I realized two things. Yes, it is ok to be angry, “but in your anger do not sin.” (psalm 4:4) And I was sinning… and there was definitely a better way to handle the situation.

First off, let me start out by saying, I am human, a redeemed human, but a human at that. I feel all of Gods created emotions. From happiness and joy to sadness, frustration and anger. So while we are not called to live as a doormat, we must be careful with how we let those emotions resonate in our hearts.

There are many instances in the bible when biblical men were angry and made it known. Nehemiah 13:8, “I was very angry.” In John 2:15 Jesus showed anger toward the money changers and in Galatians 5:12 Paul showed anger toward the false teachers.

While anger can be the right response toward injustice and evil, you must not let anger lead to hatred, or deep-seated resentment. Where as I don’t feel hatred or resentment I have definitely been angry, hurt and upset about certain issue lately.

Unfortunately, in a heated discussion I crossed the line with my words and I let my anger control me. I warn you, this is not the godly way to deal with a situation.

But now you must also rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips. Colossians 3:18

So while anger may be an appropriate response in some situations, how you control your emotions from the anger is what really matters. You can either let your anger resonate in your heart and mind to create resentment or you can have patience and understanding and try to overlook the offense.

Proverbs 19

This is a topic that is really sitting hard with me now because of some situations I have dealt with. As the holidays approach and family and friends gather, I’m sure some of you will be going through or dealing with some hard pressed issues as well. When these issues arise, remember that while it’s easy to get angry, stressed and upset, it’s just as easy to try to love on the other person, overlook the offense and forgive quickly! “The anger of a mans does not produce the righteousness of God.” (James 1:20)

Examine the things in your heart that anger you and test them against scripture. Are they rooted in hatred or a righteous heart?

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Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed- A Devotion

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you just want to scream at the top of your lungs and jump off the roof? Ok, maybe not jump off the roof, but I’ve definitely wanted to  kick and scream like a two-year old at the top of my lungs.

With the move quickly approaching (one week from today) not only do I feel overwhelmed but my anxiety and stress level is through the roof. The past few days I’ve been whiny and very grumpy. So today I decided to let go and put everything in Gods hands.

As soon as I woke up this morning I got my Bible out, looked up a few verses and prayed. Do you want to know what happened? God heard me and answered my prayer, and honestly I’m not a bit surprised!

A few hours after I got down on my knees and let it all out before God I received a message from a friend saying she saw my husband this morning and it reminded her to reach out to me. She asked if she could watch Colton for me while the movers were at our house. As soon as I read that, in front of my husband and another friend, I burst into tears and loudly said, “God is good!” They both looked at me like I was crazy, but after I explained to them my melt down this morning with God they both looked at me and replied, “Looks like an answered prayer.” Indeed it is, and indeed God is good!

A Devotion for Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed

If you have ever felt or are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and ridden with anxiety then this devotion is for you!

Psalm 34:17

As believers we are called to cry out to the Lord. It is easy to sit in our tears of pity, worry and anxiety, but if you do, you will only feel more pitiful, more anxious and more overwhelmed. God wants you to bring it to him. Lay it down at the feet of Jesus so our Heavenly Father can take it away and breath a fresh perspective into our minds and hearts.

I always tell my son that sitting around pouting to himself does no good. I tell him he needs to bring his problems or worries to me so we can work it out together. The same goes for us. Every time I delay in going to the Lord with my worry or anxiety I can always hear him ask why I didn’t bring it to him sooner and tells me that he’s been waiting for me. It’s always a huge relief and I always somehow end up laughing because I knew that’s the response I would get from my Lord. He knows me, loves me and waits patiently for me.


In my post Snapshots From Our Family Halloween Party I talked about how God knows me so well and how he never fails. And it’s so true, every time I call on him he answers me. And sometimes even when I don’t call on him he sees and knows my heart and still provides. I love that our Father is so perfect and gracious. There is none like him. He knows you and I from the inside out and cares so deeply for us. He is waiting for us to invite him in,  talk to him and cry to him. For when you do he will lift you up on wings like eagles.

Psalm 61:2

So the next time you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, drop everything you are doing and go to God. Don’t waste your time kicking and screaming in the corner. Only God can breathe a breath of fresh air into your lungs and give you peace and joy.

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What Does the Bible Say About Your Hearts Desire?

Holy are you God – Holy is your name – You are my hearts desire

You are worthy to be praised, all the time, no matter our circumstances.

I want to be wholly and purely devoted to you, having no idols.

My heart and eyes are fixed on you.

This weeks study (chapters 6 &7) of  “The Excellent Wife”  hit me hard. We discussed false gods/idols as well as the desires of our heart. Below is a recap of this weeks study that affected me the most.


The desire of my heart is to think and feel like the psalmist in 119. As Martha Peace from “The Excellent Wife” stated, ” He desired, sought after, and longed after God with all his heat.

Could you imagine how much less fear, anxiety and frustration would be in our lives if we lived like this psalmist. If we actually set our eyes on the things above and not on our hearts desires, but Gods! “God will put the desires in your heart that He wants to be there.” Martha Peace


God Wants to be Your Hearts Desire

To me this means that God wants to be our desire. He wants us to be happy, he wants us to receive the blessings he has in store. We just have to pray diligently, humbly and whole heartily seeking His will not ours!

I can think of many “things” in my life that take the place of God on a daily basis. Replacing the desire that God has for me with my own idols and own desires only leads to pain. Here are a few idols/wrong desires I can think of that displace the Lord Jesus Christ as my deepest affection and longing.

  • Physical appearance
  • Having a pain-free life
  • Material things
  • Being in Control
  • Having my needs met


You can easily tell the things that are idols in your life because those are the things you spend the most time doing, speaking about, thinking about, trusting in and spending your money on.  Martha Peace goes on to say that when we idol anything or anyone other than Jesus and things do not turn out as we desire, we begin to get frustrated, angry and anxious. Ultimately you become so desperate you become willing to do anything, including sin.

Because of these false gods or idols in our hearts sin begins to erode our heart, painful emotions increase and we begin to seek false saviors/refuges. For me these look like…

  • Shopping sprees
  • Clinging to people for comfort
  • Withdrawing (if not clinging to people)

Pursuing false saviors and finding refuge in anyone other that Jesus only makes things worse. We may temporarily find comfort or relief from our pain but eventually those false saviors/refuges let us down and can even cause some serious consequences.

I truly believe that this chapter affected me so much because I am often conflicted between my desires and the desires God has for me. God wants my undivided attention as well as commitment to serving him in everything I do.

Who is your hearts desire?

My husband ends up being a lot of my desire, which is Godly, until I begin replacing Jesus with my husband. Once I’ve done that I get disappointed because my husband can’t fulfill my desires as Christ can. He can’t fill the longing and deepest desires of my heart.

Once I stop putting the pressure on my husband to be my “savior” or “refuge” or “deepest desire” then I can focus on glorifying God. We all want to be romanticized , more help around the house and to feel appreciated, but is that what it’s really about? I don’t believe so. It’s about glorifying God as a wife. It’s about serving and honoring our husbands even if we aren’t getting anything in return. More times than not, when we begin to serve our husbands with a grateful heart and not wanting anything in return they usually begin to open up and fulfill our needs as a wives and mothers. But even if they don’t, we won’t be too disappointed because our refuge is in Jesus.


As you can probably see Martha is pretty cut and dry in this bible study. She makes no apologies for saying as it is and the wonderful thing is, everything she says is backed by the bible. I really hope you will join me in this study! It’s never to late to begin a journey on becoming an excellent wife.

Don’t waste another minute. Go get your copy of the book The Excellent Wife and make sure you get the  The Excellent Wife: Study Guide as well to get the most from the study. Glorifying God with your marriage is one of the greatest ways to set your marriage up for success.

Concluding, is your deepest desire and longing for Jesus? Or do you see yourself spending more time on other things or people? I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment with your answers, questions or thoughts!!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing this time with me


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